X-Men #14: X of Swords chapter Twelve Answers The final piece of the Arakko Puzzle…Or Did It?

Over the course of X of Swords, we’ve learned a lot more and a lot more about what happened to the mutants of Arakko after Okkara in half—Krakoa being the other half. There are two major questions left, however. Firstly, who held the twilight blade that ripped Okkara in half? and secondly, what happened to Genesis, Apocalypse’s wife, after she ousted him from Arakko and sealed the rift? Well, we finally find out in X-Men #14: X of Swords chapter Twelve.

From Genesis to Annihilation: how Did Arakko become part of the Amenthi Hoard.

You know it’s severe when the swords look like they’re exploding. (Image: X-Men #14, marvel Comics)

Early in Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run, he described the Amenthi hoard not as evil, but chaotic. The Amenthi just want to destroy everything. They have no agenda beyond that. However, they are controlled. Whoever wears the Annihilation helm controls the hoard. but there’s a catch, of course. The Helm also controls and drives who wears it. In buy to save Arakko, Genesis challenges the current Annihilation. When Genesis wins, she puts on the Helm, and Arakko and Amenth become one.


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When Genesis describes this to Apocalypse in X-Men #14: X of Swords chapter Twelve, he pleads with her to fight the urge to destroy. but she smiles and tells him that no one is that strong. even worse, considering that the Annihilation helm wants Krakoa, Genesis wants it too. The Helm has entirely corrupted her.

The laws of Arakko presented in X-Men #14: X of Swords chapter Twelve are Horrifying

Please don’t make a lot more of these mutants. (Image: X-Men #14, marvel Comics)

There are three major laws in Krakoa:

Mutants need to not kill humans.

Respect the land of Krakoa.

Make a lot more mutants.

Pretty simple, right? Well, as with everything in Arakko, their policies are a twisted version of Krakoa’s. and the implications must terrify the mutants of Krakoa. הם:

Make a lot more mutants.

Defend this broken land.

Destroy our enemies.

Well, that’s just great. Krakoans want to make a lot more mutants to enrich their newfound paradise. Krakoans want to work with the rest of the world, supplying life-saving medications to humans across the world. The Arakkii want to destroy everything. and then there’s the “defend this broken land” mandate. Does that indicate they will secure Arakko, or is their utmost goal to secure Krakoa too? Both are pieces of a broken land.

X-Men #14: X of Swords chapter Twelve needs to be the Last flashback Issue

and what I want a lot of of all is some sword fighting. (Image: X-Men #14, marvel Comics)

I love superhero mythos—and Jonathan Hickman has added layers upon layers to what we know about the X-Men. ever considering that house of X and Powers of X, the, I guess you could say, universe of X has gotten richer and richer. However, we got maybe a bit too much in X of Swords. lots of of these flashbacks are beautiful character pieces as well as world-building, and X-Men #14: X of Swords chapter Twelve is no different. but unless there’s a crucial piece of information, like, say, who destroyed Okarra in the first place, then Hickman and company need to get to the main course. Still, though, this is a damn good story.

עוד X חרבות!

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פרק שני: X-Factor #4
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X-Men #14: X of Swords Chapter Twelve

פרק שלוש עשרה: Marauders #14
פרק ארבע עשרה: Marauders #15
פרק חמש עשרה: אקסקליבור מס ’14
פרק שש עשרה: וולברין מס ‘7
פרק שבע עשרה: X-Force #14
פרק שמונה עשרה: Hellions #6
Chapter Nineteen: cord #6
פרק עשרים: אקס-מן #15
פרק עשרים ואחת: אקסקליבור #15
פרק עשרים ושניים: X חרבות: הרס

(Featured Image: X-Men #14, marvel Comics)

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